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Mug Club Membership

$99.99 for 1 year

The June Cork Pub’s Mug Club is a yearly subscription club that allows you to have your very own beer mug at the pub with the soccer club logo of your choice on it.  The mug is a 23oz mug which gives you 7 additional ounces of beer over the normal 16oz mugs those who are not part of the Mug Club will have their beers in.  So not only will you stand out with your own mug while you’re at the pub, you’ll also have 7 more ounces at no additional cost each round! You will also get a membership card with your chosen club logo and membership ID at receipt of your mug.

We do ask you try to stick to clubs that are not completely obscure as it may prove difficult for us to find an appropriate logo to have placed on your mug.  We will do our very best to accommodate all requests, but if we are unable to find a suitable club logo, we may contact you and discuss other options.

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