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About the Mug Club

The June Cork Pub Mug Club is a fun & unique way for us to connect with our loyal guests and for you loyal guests to socialize and meet some fellow club supporters!

The Mug Club is a yearly paid membership ($99.99) which offers members their very own* 16oz. handcrafted ceramic mug to drink from each time they visit the June Cork WITH your favorite club emblazoned on the mug! Are you a Chelsea fan? Barcelona fan? Bayern Fan? You tell us and we put it on your own numbered mug to use each time you come in for a visit**.

Best of all, while you are here for a game, a bite, or a beer, you will be able to look around the pub and see who else is a supporter of your favorite club. You may hear interesting backstories as to why someone is a fan of that club or you may see someone who is a fan of your clubs’ rival – and can start some banter on the time your club knocked theirs out of the league cup, champions league, or even better sent them down with relegation. The fans are the best part of this beautiful game.

Mug Club members get their first beer for free each time they visit the pub and will also be the first patrons to test out new, potential food menu items our chef is creating – as well as many more perks to come!

Along with their own mug, members will also be given a membership card at receipt of their mug,  This membership card will have your mug ID as well as the club of your choice

Last but not least, members get to belong to an exclusive club!  We only have 100 Mug Club Memberships to sell & once we’ve sold out for the year, guests will have to wait until someone sadly abandons us and gives way to a new member.

*During your paid membership, the mug remains at The June Cork Pub, should you elect to not renew your membership, the mug is yours to take home with you.
*We do ask you try to stick to clubs that are not completely obscure as it may prove difficult for us to find an appropriate logo to have placed on your mug.  We will do our very best to accommodate all requests, but if we are unable to find a suitable club logo, we may contact you and discuss other options.
Mug club mug view.

Mug Club Status

New orders ONLY!

Please do not use this link if you are a current Mug Club member and looking to renew.  We will send you an specific link to renew your membership.  This is for NEW Mug Club orders only.

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