About Us

John Bushnell (Owner and Pub Director) is an avid soccer player, enthusiast, watcher, and overall fan.  His love for the game is the creative force behind The June Cork Pub. For years John and his friends would trek over 100 miles to a pub to watch soccer.

Why? Because it was the only bar that streamed the live soccer action he craved and the only place other passionate soccer fans joined together to share in the action! Whether cheering with – or rooting against – it’s a blast to share in the experience with other fans.

As the line formed around the block (before the pub doors even opened) it became abundantly clear to John just how many soccer fans were traveling great distances to gather and unite with other enthusiasts of the beautiful game!

With that in mind, John brought his passion and vision to the burgeoning downtown of Dover, NH – to establish the first and only soccer pub in the area – The June Cork Pub. A place where soccer fans young and old will always know

The Game is On The Telly

Liverpool v Manchester United? ON
Barcelona v Real Madrid? ON
Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund? ON
Juventus v Inter Milan? ON
PSG v Marseille? ON
Champions League, Euros, FA Cup?
English Championship, Europa League?
And of course the World Cup!
ON, ON, ON!!!

Not a fan of the beautiful game? Don’t fret. John is also an avid sports fan of many major franchises! That includes all sports. Yes, The June Cork Pub will be your home for all the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, Premiership Rugby, PGA, and Tennis action you need. Something for every fan.

Not into sports? More of a fan of a traditional British Pub experience? The June Cork Pub is a True British Pub in every sense of the word. It has to be. It is named after John’s grandmother June Cork who was born and raised in Liverpool England and she would accept no less. Expect Authentic British Pub fare such as: Traditional English Breakfast, Pub pies, Sunday Roasts and the best Fish and Chips this side of the Atlantic – along with some more traditional, honest-to-goodness, soul warming pub food – served up from our chef and cooks.