The June Cork Pub

The June Cork Pub is modeled after a traditional British style pub, offering our patrons delectable food, engaging conversation, live sports and the finest beer. The June Cork Pub offers 12 taps of varying draft beers, 20+ variations of bottle/can beers and countless cocktails and wine. The bartenders at The June Cork Pub are all Cicerone Certified, so you’ll know they know their beer(s).

In keeping with the practices of the traditional British pubs, when you arrive at The June Cork Pub you’ll be greeted by the hostess, you’ll grab an open seat and when you’re ready to order a round or food, head on up to the bar to place your order. While you’re waiting for your round or food, spark up a convo with a stranger, make new friends – The June Cork Pub is all about great beer, food and friends (new and old!).

Our Customers Say

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TVs Abound

Rotating Taps!

Unlimited Teams!

We highly recommend reservations prior to coming, especially during popular matches but walk-ins are also welcome!

Not Local?

Want to experience all that The June Cork Pub has to offer but aren’t local to Dover, NH? Tired of fighting with the crowds at the same handful of soccer bars around Boston? Then do we have good news for you! The June Cork pub is located DIRECTLY across from the Dover, NH train stop for Amtak’s “Downeaster” line.

The Downeaster stops at the following cities:


  • Brunswick
  • Portland
  • Old Orchard
  • Saco
  • Wells

New Hampshire 

  • Dover
  • Durham – University of New Hampshire
  • Exeter


  • Haverhill
  • Woburn
  • Boston

    Fan of the Beautiful Game?

    The June Cork Pub will be your only stop in New Hampshire for all the LIVE SOCCER ACTION:

    EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, English Championship and MLS league matches as well as the Euros, Champions League, FA Cup, Europa and World Cup matches will all be streaming live at The June Cork Pub.

    Along with all the live soccer matches, The June Cork Pub will also be showing any NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, & MMA games you want to see.

    The June Cork Pub is sure to please even the most hardcore fan of any sport.

    Get in Touch!

    The June Cork Pub will be open

    Monday open 12pm – 9pm
    Tuesday open 12pm – 9pm
    Wednesday open 12pm – 9pm
    Thursday open 12pm – 9pm
    Friday open 12pm – 9pm
    Saturday open 7am – 9pm
    Sunday open 7am – 9pm

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